It’s the item I didn’t know I needed until I saw it on El Paso State Rep Joe Moody’s Twitter feed.

Most of us don’t really pay any mind to our mousepads. I’ve been using one with a month-by-month calendar of 2016 for approximately three years now. But it’s going into the trash can the second I find one like Moody’s.

While in Austin trying to get small amounts of weed legalized, Moody is using a mousepad featuring a familiar sight to generations of El Pasoans.

It’s stamped with the image of several single orders of tacos from El Paso’s most famous restaurant in their iconic cardboard boat, with an order of fries placed squarely in the middle.

“Bringing a little bit of #ElPaso to the Capitol with my new #ChicosTacos mousepad,” he captioned the pic. “I’m hoping that we get a single session and not a double.” Ha! I see what he did there. Can someone tell me where I can get one of those mousepads? I am all about it now.

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