Doobie, or not doobie? That is the question Texas lawmakers will consider during the 86th Texas Legislature now underway in Austin.

Various weed-related bills will be up for discussion during the 4 month long session including House Bill 63 authored by El Paso State Representative Joe Moody who seeks to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

If passed, possession of an ounce or less of marijuana would result in a fine not to exceed $250 instead of an arrest and the threat of jail time. Criminal charges wouldn't kick in until the fourth civil infraction. Moody firmly believes his bill stands a good chance of passing, noting in a statement a “swell of bipartisan support” for “smarter, fairer marijuana laws in Texas.”

No matter how lawmakers vote, the public debate on cannabis will rage on.

Is it a gateway to harder drugs, or just a gateway to Pop-Tarts and Doritos? Will it lead to a generation of lazy, stupid, and forgetful kids or is it a case of ‘look at us, we toked it up and we turned out all right’?

While there may never be a consensus on the effects of the ganj on society, there are no disputing some truths of the giggle weed. Spark up a bowl and try not to cough while reading these fun marijuana facts*.

Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images

● People who smoke it mostly on weekends are the main reason Chico’s Tacos is still in business

● It's the reason stoners blow their whole paycheck on Girl Scout cookies

● No one has ever been caught by EPPD with their own weed in their pocket or car

● You'll never overdose on it, but it can make you sick by making you think putting pineapple on your anchovy pizza is a good idea

● If you smoke enough of it, you can actually convince yourself there's nothing wrong with the state of the El Paso Independent School District

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