Winter and spring in El Paso don't last very long, and one of the things you need to decide is when is it too hot to wear your favorite hoodie, and when is it time to change out your heavy winter perfume for a summer one?

Changing out clothes is an easy decision - when it gets cold, pull out the winter clothes for the two and half weeks of winter. When it gets warm, time to break out the shorts and flip flops.  But perfume is a harder decision.

I love love love heavy perfumes like the one I wear in the winter, Decadence by Marc Jacobs.  I buy a bottle when the temperature dips below 75 and use it all winter long.  But this weekend when I went to breakfast with my family before church, my mom told me that it was time to change to a summer perfume.  She said that she loves Decadence, but it was too much now that it's getting warmer.  I also love the lotion I wear in the winter.  It's called Black Amethyst and it smells like Dior Addict, but it seems like it's time to put all that away for the summer.

I love Chanel's Cristalle and I was lucky enough to get a bottle for Valentine's Day. It's super pretty and light, so sorry, Decadence. Time to put you away until November.

What do you think?  Do you change your perfume or lotion when the season changes, or do you use the same thing all year long?

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