Spring forward and fall back. We change our clocks twice a year, and this weekend, it's time to lose an hour. Yes, losing that hour sucks, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier to reset your internal clock.

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    Change Your Clock On Saturday Night

    If you change your clock before you go to sleep on Saturday night, it hurts less to lose the hour. You'll also be less likely to be late for church Sunday morning. Or brunch. You don't want to miss the free mimosa, that would be bad. Speaking of alcohol...

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    Limit Your Alcohol On Saturday Night

    When we 'fall back' and gain an hour, it's a ton of fun to do last call twice at the bar, but 'springing forward', we lose an hour, so pace yourself. Maybe drink a couple of glasses of water between each drink. Sunday morning is going to come soon enough. No sense in having a raging hangover, a small one is bad enough.

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    Get Stuff Done

    While everyone else is in bed forgetting that the time has changed, grab your list of things to do and get them done. Get your grocery shopping done, hit the gym, get the car washed, feel incredibly smug that you got stuff done and can go home and enjoy the extra sunlight while everyone else is scrambling to catch up. You go, smug girl!

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    Be Glad Summer Is Almost Here

    Summer!  Time to celebrate getting to wear shorts, sundresses, sandals, having to shave every day so you don't scare the neighbors, dieting so you won't look like you're wearing a tent, and adding a weekly pedicure to your budget.  Wait, what were we celebrating again?

    Oh well, just remember to lose that hour this weekend by 'springing forward'.