Who doesn't like a good burger? Well what about the Nation's 3rd best burger? It isn't too far! 

We all know that someone that drives 5 hours to Arizona for a great burger...well you don't have to drive but maybe an hour and a half for the Nation's 3rd best burger. Ever been to Sparky's in Hatch, NM? Well if you haven't it's a fun, family friendly, delicious place! Trip advisor named Sparky's the Nation's 3rd best burger and ever since people from all around travel to taste it for themselves. Sparky's was even featured in local news stories. It's pretty cool that somewhere so close to home was named the 3rd best burger in the Nation. The top two were Nic’s Grill, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Black Hills Burger and Bun Co., Custer, South Dakota. If you would like to read the whole list, you can catch it HERE.

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