For these thirty something years I've lived in the Sun City I have NEVER known of this chile gem, until one day on facebook I came across those suggested posts that your other friends have liked, so these kooky photos old fashion statues pertaining to food grabbed my HUNGRY eye.

Sparkys Burger, BBQ, and espresso is the place that almost EVERYONE knows about except me and I'm sure a few others in the 'Chile Capital of World,' yes, Hatch New Mexico. Si, si, Hatch is known for growing such a variety of chilies that has made the world crave them from a far!

This amazing power couple by the name of Teako and Josie Nunn, brought there brilliant creations into fruition which was her ability of creating art and handcrafted coffee and his mouth watering makings of BBQ, burgers and Chile like NO OTHER!

Not only will you be mesmerized by the ALL the classic and never been seen statues, it will have you taking a million and ones shots with the phone.

Holding true that the this place is U.S. made along with showing pride to the city that has put CHILIES on the map, the Nunn's have made the city proud with all types of folks making the journey into the city!

via facebook sparkys bbq and espress

To SAVE the DAY, this just a small piece of what you will find inside.  Your eyes won't be able to hang on to their sockets as you go from up and down, to ALL around.

via yelp Gabriella L

How they found the COOLEST items, I'll never know, but they took the time to create not only eye candy, but a true artistic view of what needs to be given to our viewing pallet.

via facebook sparkys bbq and espresso

Teako's way of not only creating hand-grounded beef with just the right amount of chili's and cheese makes it yummy-ful!

via facebook sparkys bbq and espresso

BBQ is in the name for a reason...the Nunn's have won numerous awards for their secret sauce and crafted cuisine.

via facebook sparkys bbq and espresso

Supporting their local musicians has been apart in keeping the spirit in this place.  The Nunn's know talent and know that expressing that art is what makes a human grow and they are THERE for the community!

Sparky's Burgers, BBQ, and espresso is a great drive to Hatch at 115 N Franklin St.  To get to Sparky’s, you’ll take Exit 41 off Interstate 25, one of the most interesting and colorful stretches of highway in the state.