Today is the El Paso Bridal Showcase, whether you are going to accompany someone who is getting MARRIED or YOU are the one getting hitched, I have some questions that may or may not help you, so you can ask our vendors today!

Question to Ask a Private Estate Wedding Venue:

  • Are you required to buy liability insurance
  • Is there postponement/ Cancellation insurance

Wedding Planner Questions:

  • Are they a full service planner
  • Do they only go to location and or venue
  • Day of coordinator

Questions for Caterer:

  • Ask where they get foods
  • Charges per person
  • Tax and gratuity(service charge) included or not
  • Do they work by the hour
  • Date open
  • How many weddings do they do per year
  • How long have they been in the BIZ
  • Are they licensed to serve,
  • Do they have designs

Question for Wedding Invitations: 

  • What type of printing process do they offer
  • What do they specialize in
  • Is printing down in-house or outsource
  • Can order table numbers, place cards, escort cards

Questions to ask Floral:

  • Do they order from which warehouse
  • Can they work on an existing garden from venue
  • Do they have open dates
  • How long have they been in business
  • Where did they receive their training
  • What styles do they do example European, trendy, traditional,....
  • What recommendations can you give me to maximize my budget
  • Do they have packages
  • Can they provide references
  • What flowers are in season for the month your getting married
  • Can they arrange with what you have in mind

DJ questions

  • What sets you apart from other DJs
  • What are the sets prices
  • What kind of music they have
  • Refund policies
  • Are mics available

Hope this helps with your wedding before you head out to the El Paso Bridal Showcase!

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