UPDATE 2/13: From the National Weather Service El Paso ... "A storm system will move in from the west & combine with a strong cold front pushing in from the east to create wintry weather & cold temperatures across the Borderland Saturday night through Monday morning. Heaviest snow is forecast across the Sacramento Mountains & higher elevations of the Gila Region. Lower confidence in snow totals remains along Rio Grande Valley as timing of the front and changeover from rain to snow will be the deciding factor. Temperatures will drop throughout the day on Sunday with the coldest temperatures expected Monday morning. Link

Original Article: A blast of arctic air has its sights set on the El Paso region and forecasters warn even those of us in the Sun City could see snow on Valentine’s Day. As for how much snowfall, well, no one is exactly sure. Apparently, the "weather models" are not being very forthcoming just yet so the picture isn't very clear as of this publishing.

Depending on who you watch or which weather authority you consult, El Paso could get anywhere from zero to three inches of snow on Sunday afternoon or Sunday night or overnight Sunday into Monday. Or no snow at all, just a sloppy wintry mix. Here’s what I mean:

All the locals in the weather predicting business agree, however, overnight and morning temps on Sunday into Presidents Day, Monday, will be the coldest temperatures this winter, dropping to the teens.

My recommendation -- as a non-qualified, high school educated radio guy who has no idea how Doppler radar works or what one even looks like or what all the pretty colors on the weather model mean -- is to stock up on bread, milk, hot chocolate mix, Pop Tarts, and toilet paper immediately and hunker down for what could be Snowpocalypse 2021 or just a very cold, wet Valentine’s Day.

Continue to monitor the situation over the weekend and take the proper precautions and preparations when it comes to ‘the 4 P’s: people, pets, plants, and pipes.

Check on the vulnerable, cover up those plants and pipes, and bring in your pets. If you can't or won't then get your pet an insulated dog house or make one for them. Don’t be a d***.

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