It's 8:00 Monday morning, and as of right now, there are reports of patchy snowfall on the far east side, BUT, that doesn't mean school has been affected!  All school districts are on their regular schedules!  Yes, you have to go to school!  Sorry - I tried, but apparently my snow dance wasn't strong enough.


If you've been in El Paso for any length of time that has included "weather" of any kind, you know things get bad really, really fast!  And it looks like we'll be facing "weather" by 2 o'clock Monday morning, just in time for morning commute problems and questions about school....


Our news partners, KVIA, and their weather team have issued a First Alert Storm Track advisory.  If you've looked outside today at all, you've seen the clouds that have rolled in and felt the temperature dropping pretty quickly.  El Paso could see snow from a trace amount to possiby 2 inches.

Mike and I will be keeping an eye on things throughout the evening and reporting on any school or business closings, but as of right now, NOTHING IS CLOSED!!!!!!  That could change, of course, so keep your radio tuned to 93.1 KISS FM for all the latest updates on school, work, and the weather.  You can also keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for any quick updates that we can pass on to you.

But in the meantime, lay in a supply of PopTarts and stay warm!

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