Mountain Dew has released several flavors throughout the years, however, their latest flavor endeavor will have many people asking "why?!"

It's no secret that Moutain Dew is one of the hottest soft drinks on the market. Throughout the years, there have been several Mountain Dew flavors have been released. Some of these were pretty good and have stood the test of time, like Code Red. While others didn't stick around too long. Many flavors are a limited-time-only thing, such as last year's Cake Smash. Other flavors just weren't very well received. Mountain Dew's latest creations are some of their most unique ones yet, and I don't know that they are some that I am wanting to try.

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MTN Dew Outpost

Mountain Dew will be testing six flavors at the MTN DEW Outpost at Doe Mountain, Tennessee. The MTN Dew Outpost will be opening on June 4th. According to a press release, MTN DEW chief marketer Pat O’Toole says:

MTN DEW Outpost honors DEW fans’ bold approach to flavor and outdoor adventure. The mountain projects we’ve funded, along with the variety of activities we’re offering fans, back our commitment to helping nature lovers access more of the great outdoors. In addition to mountain activities we’re hosting, this is the first time we’re offering fans the opportunity to try never-released flavors at the MTN DEW Outpost Flavor Adventure. Fans can sample six new flavors and vote for their favorite, helping MTN DEW decide whether any of these flavors will be released in the future.
MTN DEW Doe Mountain

What New Flavors Are Being Tested?

These new flavors that Mountain Dew will be testing out are very different, to say the least. The one that has everyone talking is a new pickle-flavored Mountain Dew. According to, this is said to be a "sour sweet complement to Southern BBQ."



Other flavors being tested by Mountain Dew during this time include apple cinnamon, s'mores, elderberry, huckleberry, and summer "pop" flavors.

It might just be me, but none of these sound good in Mountain Dew form. The combination of flavors isn't appealing at all...especially the elderberry (gag). However, if you're all in on these flavors, the only way you can try them is by visiting the Outpost in Tennessee. If the tests get a lot of positive feedback, it's possible that you could see some of these flavors on shelves at the store down the road.

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