Last Thursday, Socorro Independent School District officials had to increase security at three schools because they were notified by the parents of a student that the student had left home with a weapon.

Pebble Hills High School, Puentes Middle, and Butler Elementary schools were all placed on 'reverse evacuation', which means no one was allowed in or out of the schools until an all clear was given. The child in question was not found and did not return home. Tragically, he was found by his father and uncle, dead in the desert. His family says the El Paso Police Department called it “self-mutilation by gunshot”.

The El Paso Police Department would not confirm that information, and SISD did not respond to KTSM’s requests for more information.

Devin's family says on the GoFundMe page that they put online to help cover funeral costs that "he was so happy and beautiful but on the inside he was screaming help me." I cannot imagine what devastating heartbreak this family be going through. We are a just a little over a week from Thanksgiving, and instead of planning for a wonderful holiday meal, this family is planning their young son's funeral.

The GoFundMe page details Devin's struggle with bullying. We'll never get rid of bullying, and it's hard to convince a child that as an adult, we understand what they are going through, but we need to continue to reach out to all kids. We need to tell them that if they are being targeted by bullies, they can come to an adult for help. If they have a friend who is being bullied, they need to come to an adult for help, as well, on their friend's behalf. And as parents and teachers, we have to be ready to fix bullying. We can't continue to see these kids broken to the point of suicide. My heart aches for Devin and his family. The thought that he had no more hope and died in the desert alone is horrifying. We have to stop this epidemic of children who can't see a way out of being bullied and feel their only hope is to kill themselves.

All of our prayers go out to Devin's family. We grieve with you and send you our sincerest condolences on the loss of Devin. May he rest in peace.

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