Texas has 3,233 miles of intestate highways. The longest one, at 878.7 miles in length, is IH-10 which goes through El Paso. The shortest one lies completely within El Paso.

It seems amazing how much highway there is in Texas but, how could we not win this one? We're the largest state in the continental United States. The largest of all 50 states, Alaska, is big in area but short on highways

First, let's talk highways, freeways and interstates. Do you know what the difference is? Neither did I until I got bored enough to look it up. Here's the deal:

  • Interstates run through more than one state and can only be accessed by on/off ramps.
  • Highways don't have to have to be limited to on/off ramps and both speed limits and the number of lanes can be lower. They also run through rural areas.
  • A freeway is a controlled-access, (on/off ramps), highway with more lanes and higher speed limits. They too can run through rural areas.

Now that we cleared the air on that, here is the lowdown on the states shortest interstate. IH-110 runs only 0.919 tenths of a mile. I doubt you recognize it by number as you might with I-10 or Loop 375 so, I'll explain it this way.

It's that short little hop that takes you from the spaghetti bowl's Juarez exit to the international bridge by the Chamizal.

That bridge goes by many names including the Cordova Bridge, the Bridge of the Americas, or the Free Bridge depending on who you ask.

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