Pretty much every road, highway and byway in El Paso was constructed to provide a route from one specific place or area to another. Not Scenic Drive though.

Scenic Drive is a popular spot to enjoy a stunning view of El Paso and Juarez as well as gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Many go there often just to enjoy that view and it's a mandatory go-to for peeps visiting El Chuco.

It's actually serving its original purpose in providing that view.

Scenic Drive was originally constructed for the specific reason of giving peeps a place where they could get a birds eye view of El Paso and Juarez as well as a stunning, panoramic view of the surrounding area.

It wasn't built to get peeps from Central to Kern Place, nor was it intended to be a shortcut over the mountain. It was just a path to beautiful view. "Path" being a good term for it in its original state.


As early as 1881, El Paso leaders promoted the idea of creating a place along the base of the Franklin Mountains to provide visitors a panoramic view of the area. The automobile brought new attention to the idea, and in 1920, the city council and Mayor Charles Davis approved construction of a scenic drive. Finished in October 1920, the route became a popular attraction. -

Model T Ford
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Those old school cars from the 20's and early 30's must have been pretty freakin' tough.

It's a very narrow roadway but, in the beginning, it was not only "skinnier", it wasn't even paved for its first 12 years.

In 1932, well after after it was "carved", the road was widened to the width it is now and paved.

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