Texas is known far and wide ... all over the world really ... as the "Lone Star State". As is often the case with Texas, one of anything is not enough.

Each of the United States has a few state "somethings". A motto, an animal, a dish, etc. Being that everything's "bigger in Texas", we tend to have not only larger things but MORE things too.

For example, each state has a state animal and a state motto. Texas has a few mottos and multiple state animals.

We are low on squirrels this year but, otherwise, we've not only got bigger; we got more. Here's another example ... nicknames. Each state has one. New Mexico is "the Land of Enchantment", Alaska is "the Last Frontier", Florida is the "Sunshine State", etc.

Wait. The sun is a star, Texas is the "Lone Star State" and El Paso is the "Sun City" so ... should the states flip nicknames or should El Paso be moved to Florida?

Actually, shouldn't Florida be known as the "Hurricane State"? Every time I see a map of it, it looks like this.

Hurricane Ian Slams Into West Coast Of Florida
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Anyway, if Florida wants to be the "Sunshine State", fine. Texas has nicknames like France had musketeers. 4 in total: (Don't forget D'Artagnan.)

It's not just the state either, Texas cities have nicknames too. Between the cities and the state, Texas nicknames add up to 23.

Which, coincidentally, is the same number of flavorings that make up one of my favorite tasty treats made in Texas, Dr. Pepper.

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