When some of us were young adults we wanted to have parties without destroying our parent's house.

More importantly, you would hate to have jewelry with a family history that’s been passed down be stolen.

This could happen since sometimes when you invite friends those friends of yours invite their friends and so on and so forth.

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So, you don’t exactly know every single person that comes to your party. In fact, I learned the hard way in my youth except it wasn’t a party. Instead, I had a small little get-together which taught me certain people didn’t deserve my friendship.

Two people stole a bottle of liquor from my dad’s stash which by the way my dad believes I snagged the bottle for myself to this day.

So, what better way to throw a party without risking family belongings was by getting a hotel room for the night. There were quite a few hotels I remember visiting in my youth when friends of friends had hotel parties.

Hell, I even threw a couple back in my day.

The first time I threw a hotel party was at the Quality Suites University off Sunland Park Dr. behind Twin Peaks. But the best hotel to throw a party at is hands down Chase Suite Hotel El Paso.

My friend Vanna had gotten a room there which had an upstairs kitchen area, living room, and a bedroom upstairs. Another spot famous for parties was the Mesa Inn hotel that’s across from KLAQ headquarters.

As time passes by so many hotels have been renovated giving the youth now a variety of choices.

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