So former tennis star and GEICO caveman inspiration, Bjorn Borg, is now the owner of a designer underwear company.  This of course was the perfect opportunity for people to ask some very delicate questions and crunch numbers on what exactly makes it out of the general public's draws drawers.  Here's some stats for you:


  • 14% of Americans say they wear sexy underwear just in case they seduce someone (also the same percentage of people who can seduce a stranger at will)
  • 18% wear it because they "want to be ready for action." (Like if a car chase suddenly breaks out?)
  • 49% of us wear it for ourselves, just because it makes us feel good (Sadly, I can't afford satin)
  • 47% wear it to look good for our partner (Then why do they keep having sex with the lights off?)
  • 79% of us wear sexy underwear on dates (The same dates that result in nobody actually seeing anybody's underwear 90% of the time?)
  • 57% wear it when we go out partying (Yes, but do you still have them once you come home from partying?)
  • 59% of us wear it when we go out to dinner (A buffet and sexy underwear doesn't seem like the best combination, but to each their own)
  • 24% wear it to the gym (Maybe I should start going to that place again)
  • 42% of people say they wear sexy underwear everyday (All day too?)
  • 19% of us NEVER wear it (Sometimes people wake up late)

So take a good look at those numbers and decide which categories you fall under.  I just have one question, do tighty whities without holes in them count as sexy underwear?

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