If you're from El Paso, you know. We are a totally unique place. There is no other city like El Paso, I mean, we think flautas in a thin tomato soup smothered with cheese are tacos. We also think that hanging out in the garage on an old couch while grabbing a beer from the second fridge is the only way to watch the game on a big screen. Halloween weekend is here so if you're planning on going to an El Paso Halloween party, here are a few things that you'll definitely see:

1. A hobo costume - You know that one cousin whose mom didn't get her kid a costume? You can count on the abuelita in the house to grab an old shirt, smudge some dark eyeshadow on the kid's face and say, there you go! You're a hobo! I speak from experience as a kid who had to be a hobo a couple of times, so moms, don't forget the costume.


2. Pan dulce - Yes, we eat Mexican sweetbread all year long but during the fall season it is the perfect thing to eat while you're handing out candy to the beasties. Personally, I love the gingerbread pigs and the conchas with a cup of hot chocolate made with Abuelita chocolate.


3. That Tia - Ok, you know the tia I'm talking about. She's the one who blows into the party just a little bit late because she's been getting her costume together that makes all the older ladies stand in the corner of the kitchen and whisper about her bustier and mini skirt. This tia has places to go after the family party so she comes in, kisses everyone hello, and gets a plate of brisket and beans before she heads out to the bar with her friends. She's pre-gamed with a glass of wine at home while she was getting ready but knows better than to show up dressed like a sexy whatever and drink, so she just eats the food and then heads out for the night leaving her mom to apologize to the abuelitas for her being so nasty.


There's nothing like an El Paso Halloween!

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