Viktoria Modesta is a hot new alternative pop star with a unique look. She has the hot outfits, vintage hairstyle, and a bionic leg.

During birth, her leg was damaged and she went through 15 surgeries to try to correct it. At 20-years-old, she ended up having a voluntary leg amputation to improve her mobility. Through childhood, Modesta always dreamed of becoming a pop star when she was younger, but was discourage by the media. She never saw her body type appreciated on media outlets growing up, but still worked hard to achieve her dream.

Now, Modesta is out on the music scene! She has performed for millions at the Paralympics and starred as the Snow Queen on Dancing on Ice. Her new music video gives us some insight into her dream come true, as we see her perform with unique leg prosthetics. Modesta is the role model many people need to see in the music industry.