It's the call Miner fandom is talking about.

UTEP's Matt Willms tipped in what appeared to be the game-winning shot with less than a second left against Old Dominion, but the referees ruled the clock had not been started on time, therefore the basket didn't count giving OD the victory, 62-61.

The call left many fans feeling like UTEP got robbed, but it looks like the officials did make the correct call.

Remember, at issue is not whether the ball left Willms hands before time expired.

Take a look at the stills below taken from video posted on Twitter by beINCOLLEGE Sports. I've highlighted the ball and video time with a red circle, and the shot clock with a red arrow. You'll notice the clock stays at 2:1 seconds for at least a full second before it starts running.

UTEP shot collage

It was a devastating way to lose a game, but the zebras got it right.

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