The UTEP Men's Basketball team lost a nailbiter Thursday night to Old Dominion by one point, 62-61, but that's not the worst part of this story. The worst part is they were robbed! From our news partners at KVIA:

"Trailing by one with 2.1 seconds to play, UTEP guard Omega Harris missed a jumper that was then tipped in by Matt Willms. Television replay appeared to indicate that the ball left the fingertips of Matt Willms with 0.1 seconds still on the clock."

After time ran out, the refs reviewed the last play of the game for a couple of minutes while fans at the Don Haskins Center catcalled and booed the officials. Fans around my seats said they knew we weren't going to get the nod and would lose the game.

Sure enough, that's what happened, and the crowd was furious!

What made the whole thing even worse was the officials had to review the play on the monitor and reportedly pulled out a stopwatch to time the last play because it looked like the clock was started late when Omega Harris caught the inbound pass.

There are sure to be a lot of questions about refs starting the game clock and then calling the game with a stopwatch and a monitor.

The Miners played a hell of a game and are really pulling off an amazing season but tonight's loss means Old Dominion is now third seed. The Miners will have to win on Saturday afternoon against Charlotte to assure a top four seed and a bye in the C-USA tournament.

Good luck to the Miners!

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