Seriously, we are still in the first month of 2020 and humans are already disappointing. Las Cruces' Second Chance Thrift Store, is a community-based fundraising retail store for ACTion Program for Animals.

They have a mission to help the community reach No-Kill status for their sheltered animals. They have created this store to help create funds to operate the shelter and someone decided to steal from them. I am just beyond shocked. Why would someone steal a freaking camera from a community-based animal shelter?

Second Chance Thrift Store took to Facebook to share the video footage of the theft in the act. Using this footage, the store is hoping the community can help them find out who did it. These people work hard to help their community, so it is pretty disappointing when someone totally disregards that and purposely hurts their organization.

El Paso and Las Cruces are pratically one huge community, so we can't just ignore this. Please watch the video and if you know any information that can help them catch this theif, please contact 575-644-0505.

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