The El Paso Streetcar is still exciting El Pasoans as it continues to cruise around Downtown El Paso. While the love is still strong, the El Paso Streetcar organizers are encouraging more riders for the streetcar by giving them a chance to score an exclusive streetcar ornament. These ornaments might be just as hard to get as this year's hottest Christmas toy.

According to the El Paso Streetcar Facebook post, riders can only get this ornament Monday - Thursday and only on designated streetcars. Don't forget these are only WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and I have seen some people already showing off their very own ornament. Just make sure to ask the operator because they won't be handing them out to everyone. You MUST ask, build a bond. Be like the cool Fortnight kids who thank a fictional bus driver every time they play.

If you have one already, make sure to share it with us by tagging us on your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter post or you can also send it to us through our free KISS El Paso app! 

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