As far as prizes go, we have several cool things up for grabs these days. What do you really want though?

We try to keep you busy, prize-wise, but what prize carries the most value in 2023?

I mean, sure, we all love free concerts. These days though, prices on everyday things keep going up so, what's truly the most valuable prize you'd like to win?

Record Mega Millions Jackpot Nears $1 Billion
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Basic car maintenance has risen sharply, same for the cost of eating out. Eating in general, really. Have you seen the price of freakin' eggs lately?

Jeez.... the ingredients for a nice breakfast for you and your sweetie would be a win these days.

Food Inflation Continues To Increase With Eggs Costing 38% More Than A Year Ago
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That being said, I asked on my Facebook page what would make a good, truly valuable prize these days. Eggs got a LOT of votes.

Rage P. tugged at my heartstrings with a request for eggs so her kids won't have to decorate potatoes for Easter. Haa...

Concert tickets still came out on top ... not surprisingly ... but here is the breakdown on what else people said they really want to win these days. The top 5 being:

  1. Cash really is king. Most peeps in my totally scientific and way accurate poll were all about the Benjamins..
  2. Next, yes, eggs really did earn a lot of votes. At todays prices, I'm not surprised. (Apparently eggs are cheapest at Costco which led Julian L. to suggest giving away a Costco membership. Hmm ... not a bad idea.)
  3. Car maintenance costs have gotten up there too so, that was another popular prize idea. (My last oil change was over $60 so, yeah.)
  4. Bills. Grocery, utility, taxes, whatever. I'll put this under "gift card".
  5. "Personal pleasures" did well. Couple's massages, weekend getaways, etc. If you can't pay bills, hide from 'em ... right? (To those who voted for "hookers and blow" in this category, sorry. I'll never get that past the lawyers.)

Anyway, after careful consideration, I guess the ultimate prize package would be a gift card good anywhere, an oil change, a massage and a dozen eggs. Or concert tickets...

Message received my friends, I'll show this to the bosses.

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