We live stressful lives. We stress out when the alarm clock goes off in the morning, we stress out getting our kids ready for school, we stress the hell out in traffic especially these days (thanks TxDOT!), we stress out at work (don't even get me started about work meetings, amiright Mike?), we stress out about getting errands run, we stress out about our relationships, we stress out about how much stress stresses us out. The medical community wants us to de-stress with pills, but a musical group decided there was a better way.

Marconi Union is a group out of England that makes instrumental music that they say 'exists in the gaps between genres'. I call it massage music because when I was doing massage for a living, this is the kind of music we would play to relax out clients. Marconi Union worked with a group of sound therapists to create a song that neuroscientists say reduces anxiety by up to 65%. A researcher said 'Weightless' is so relaxing, you shouldn't listen to it while driving!

I found this 10 hour version on JustMusicTV's YouTube channel and zoned out without even realizing I was zoning out. It really is a relaxing song, so the next time you feel the need to de-stress a bit, hit play on this song and take a deep breath.

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