According to science and, more babies are conceived during the holiday season for a number of festive reasons.

Have you ever noticed that many, many people are born in September? Well that's due to actions our body can't control, when the holiday season comes around. According to experts, our bodies are in their reproductive prime during this cold months. As the weather drops, the heat rises between couples looking for some cuddles. You put these two things together and you are getting plenty of September babies.

The events more people partake in are also a factor in baby-making, as many people are in great moods and partying, which increases the actions of unprotected sexual activity. It sounds great and all, but just remember to be safe at all times.

If you are looking to conceive a baby, you are going to want to get some mistletoe and get to work! Science is on your side for creating a new life during the holiday season. The most common birthday, according to a data report, is September 9th; with September 19th coming in second place. Now I know how to start an awkward conversation at Christmas dinner, since my brother's birthday is September 9th.

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