No, it's not money.

I say that because usually people say you can't buy happiness. Yet, I have heard many people are way happier with more money. Either way, we have a study that has found the two things in life that can genuinely make you happy.

A study conducted by The Sainsbury’s Living Well Index found sex and sleep are the two things that make you and keep you happy. The result where conducted by interviewing 8,250 people from Britain, then they were ranked on a living well scale. Participants who scored high on this scale said, they felt well-rested 60% of the time. 

With all that energy, it's no surprise that sex was also a key to happiness. About 63% of participants that scored high on the Living Well scale, also said they had a highly satisfied sex life. 

Everyone is so stressed in this crazy world, we really do need to find the key to each individuals happiness. Maybe these two aren't your top ideas for happiness, but it surely would win the popular vote in our own country, if it did in Britain.

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