If you saw The Real Fit Fam El Paso's story then you know about the big debate going on at the moment. Someone had sent a message to The Real Fit Fam El Paso saying parents should not take a baby to the movies. Now as a parent myself, I actually have not ever felt comfortable enough taking my kids when they were babies.

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I would feel bad for the folks who are trying to enjoy a movie if my baby was making a lot of noise. The first time I took my son to the movies was when he was way older (5) and his first movie was at the dollar movies.

Another big debate started thanks to the person who messaged The Real Fit Fam El Paso to remind locals not to bring a baby to the movies. There have been so many people putting in their two cents on that particular topic.

There were so many people defending the person who initially started the debate while others were saying it isn't a problem. In fact, one parent shared their movie experience with their baby no older than 5 months old maybe and the baby was calm watching the screen and sucking on her pacifier.

There are different opinions floating around on The Real Fit Fam El Paso's Instagram story about that debate. But I am curious what YOU think and feel is the appropriate age for kids to attend a movie. Place your opinion on whether all ages are welcome or only children over 5 in the poll below.

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