Satanists have requested to build a shrine outside the Oklahoma state Capitol alongside a monument marking the Ten Commandments, and representatives for the Satanic organization say they are “optimistic” that it will be approved.

Lucien Greaves, a representative for the Satanic Temple, says that as long there is room for a privately funded memorial to the Ten Commandments, a designated location for other monuments must be permitted.

“I feel that the statue is only problematic when it stands alone,” said Greaves. “It would change the dynamic with our monument there. We aren’t objecting to the Ten Commandments monument, we’re objecting to the monument standing alone.”

While Greaves said he did not want to reveal too much of the Satanic monument’s layout, he did indicate that his “favorite design, at the moment, is an interactive display for children.”

Greaves says that the monument would serve as a symbol that “we all have a voice” within this “religiously pluralistic nation.”

If the Satanic monument is approved, it would be the first of its kind.