Sam’s Club is swooping in after Costco eliminated their Polish dogs from the menu.

Earlier last week Costco announced that they were revamping their café menu and that included a healthier salad option but also the elimination of their Polish dog. Soon after, fans took to social media to protest their utter displeasure and even creating the #SaveThePolishDog on Twitter.

Amidst the social online chaos from fans, Sam’s Club brilliantly brainstormed a quick and succinct promotion by announcing that they will continue to offer their Polish dogs to everyone including non-members, as their café is accessible to the general public.

Sam’s Club posted the following Tweet saying: “"Let them eat Polish dogs" - Marie Samstoinette, probably. Polish dogs will be available at all Sam’s Club cafes starting July 23 for only $0.99!”

Sam's Club via Twitter

Clever Sam’s Club. Very clever.

Maybe Costco will reconsider and bring back their Polish dogs but for now Sam’s Club is clearly the winner this time around.