Could it be? Is El Paso finally getting a second Costco location?

There was a rumor a couple of years ago that the wholesale retailer was considering expanding its brand to the west side.

A fairly large building going up next to Tractor Supply along I-10 near Transmountain Road has some El Pasoans wondering if that's the long-awaited new Costco Wholesale. Here’s what we’ve learned.

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As our city continues to grow, more and more national and regional chains have taken notice. There's been a surge of them lately establishing locations around town or announcing future plans to do so.

Sadly, it’s never the In-N-Out, Panera, H-E-B., Cheesecake Factory, or Trader Joe's that everyone wants, but it’s still progress.

A Costco in the northwest makes sense. Northwest El Paso and Canutillo are definitely booming. From Redd Road to the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso has become a very busy corridor, and right now the Walmart Supercenter in the West Town Marketplace is the only big box grocery store option in the area.

So, is the building nearing completion down the road from the Outlet Shoppes at El Paso going to be a Costco?

Google Street
Google Street

According to the El Paso Inc. “Whispers” column, the answer is no. They say it’s an industrial facility commonly used for manufacturing, warehousing, or transportation of goods.

Costco does not typically comment on future warehouse store locations or discuss property it’s interested in buying, so they’re not saying if they even have plans to build a second El Paso location.

We’ll just have to play the waiting game on this one. And on In-N-Out. And H-E-B. And Cheesecake Factory. And …

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