There are quite a few places that some people in El Paso go for their hot dog fix. But there are a couple of places some locals also enjoy ordering hot dogs from that I also enjoy.

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Some places offer hot dogs decked out with extra ingredients on the dog the way Bomb Snacks 915 does. Just refer to Bomb Snacks 915's Instagram photo of the different hot dog types you can order below.

Plus The Snack Room 915 also has hot dogs loaded with deliciousness and is bound to make your taste buds explode.

But there are also other hot dogs that may seem plain jane but can also satisfy your hot dog craving. Now I know some people in El Paso will agree with me when I say Sam's Club has good hot dogs.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy a plump delicious hot dog for cheap at Sam's Club? Gilbert Guillen could also agree with me about Sam's Club hot dogs being scrumptiously delicious.

Just as restaurants have a wait, so does the Sam's Club cafeteria section at times. Now if you're known for doing a little shopping then snacking after you know how big of a deal Sam's Club food and treats can really be.

But then again another hot dog that can also be a toss-up is the hot dog from Chico's Tacos. Now Chico's Tacos version of a hot dog is decorating it with a hamburger bun with pickles, mustard, chili beans, and hot links.

I would like to know which hot dog people in El Paso prefer the most over the other. So in the poll below, let me know which hot dog you think is the best between Chico's Tacos and Sam's Club.

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