Welcome to another edition of Haunted El Paso, exploring two haunted bars in downtown El Paso.

Marcos Rey
It's another edition of Haunted El Paso, where we explore some of the most haunted places across the borderland.

El Paso is full of ghost stories for those unaware, including many businesses downtown from hotels to stores, museums, and even the public library, including EPIC Bar and Grill and The Reagan.

EPIC Bar & Grill


EPIC Bar & Grill is one of the popular nightclubs in the Pride Square district downtown, and it's the site of many unexplained phenomena and poltergeists.  

I recently sat down with some of the crew members who shared those perplexing stories, including a near-miss with a flat-screen tv that almost hurt one employee.  

Nightclubs are usually rowdy, loud, and fun; therefore, interludes with these entities seem to occur during the day or late after hours after the club has closed.  Employees tell of hearing voices, muffled conversations, and footsteps when no one is inside but a single employee. 


They also say they have heard banging against the walls as if something is trying to get out when the club and the one next door are closed to the public.

Earlier this year, one of the bartenders was almost the victim of a terrible accident when the bar's flat screen tv, which sits securely atop a commercial refrigerator, seemed to pivot forward and topple down, missing the employee by seconds.  

The whole incident was captured on camera, and to this day, the bartender gets chills just thinking about it. He tells me he didn't believe in the stories, but he's reconsidered his opinion after the TV almost fell on him. 

The Reagan


The Reagan sits next door to one of the most notoriously haunted hotels in El Paso - the De Soto Hotel on Mills St. The new owners talked to me about how crews recently felt an eerie presence while remodeling the place. The paranormal activity also includes hearing whispers, phantom footsteps, shadows across walls, children crying, lights flickering on and off, and the sightings of a shadow man that lingers about the building.

In the late 1920s, the basement of the building was occupied by a local pediatrician who died on the premises. During the building's remodel - workers even found old medicine bottles, including a tunnel that has since been converted into a wine cellar for the bar.

The owners tell me that while the space is excellent for storing wine, there is something very creepy about the tunnel, and they avoid hanging out inside by themselves after seeing a shadow disappear into the rock wall.

With so much paranormal activity EPIC Bar & Grill and The Reagan are just two of the many downtown buildings full of haunted activity, making it on our list of most Haunted El Paso places on the borderland.

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