El Paso is a place many celebrities feel comfortable to come on out and enjoy the city. You will find most celebrities out at L & J Cafe but this weekend, breakout rap stars Lil Pump and Lil Skies stopped by Desert Warriors Paintball to get out a few games before their big concert tonight, at the El Paso Country Coliseum.

As you can tell in the photos, fans were crazy excited to play with some paintball with these guys. It must be an honor to play with your favorite rapper and no one freaks out. Everyone is probably more freaked out about getting hit in the head than how cool they look to these celebrities. El Pasoans have been having some luck meeting celebrities lately. I would really love to have Cardi B meet up with El Pasoans at Chico's Tacos.

Deset Warriors Paintball via Facebook
Desert Warriors Paintball via Facebook