People love to see things in inanimate objects. How many times have you looked at a cloudy sky and picked out a bunny rabbit or a face in the sky? If you Google "potatoes that look like animals" you won't be disappointed. If you have a bag of tortillas, chances are someone is going to see the face of Jesus in one of them after they come off the comal. A few years back, a local family made news for what appeared to be an image of the Virgin Mary on their rock wall.

The Guillen family told a local news station that they saw the image of Our Lady on their rock wall during a family birthday party.  I have to admit, I was pretty surprised at how clearly visible the image of the Virgin really was. Most of the time when you hear about an image of Christ or the Virgin Mary it requires you to see it in a certain light while squinting your eyes and tilting your head, but check out the video of the wall.

Now, I'm sure there will be naysayers out there who will try to discount the apparition and figure out some way to explain it away, but why?  It doesn't hurt anyone to believe that the Virgin showed up on a rock wall in the 915. If you don't believe, then don't believe. But don't try to explain it away by saying it was just a reflection or a water spot. Just think of it as a cool thing that happened right here in El Paso.

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