There's one band I am pretty stoked to see at the Downtown Street Festival that reminds me of my childhood! Once I heard that Jefferson Starship was going to be performing I had the craziest flashback.

I remember my mom and our Sunday Funday consisted of cleaning around the apartment while blasting some jams. She would play those jams on this old silver big boom box stereo she had in the 80's. Some of those jams included Jefferson Starship and when they came on is when we were motivated even more to get the cleaning done.

I even remember getting excited as I watched the movie Mannequin from 1987 which featured "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now" from Jefferson Starship. Not only did I love that song but a couple others as well like "Sara" which was a little depressing but still a good song. Another favorite that was the big motivator when we cleaned the house on Sunday was "We Built This City" which gets everyone pumped up. So if Jefferson Starship reminds you of the good old days whether you were a kid, teen, or an adult don't miss out on this show!

You can see Jefferson Starship on Friday, October 5 at our Downtown Street Festival!

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