So many cute trends are going around the internet with nail art, so many that it's hard to choose. These girls try some of the trends, will they succeed or fail?

The first nails up for a try are the galaxy nails. These are super cool and looks simple enough, right? Not quite. When she gets to the stars it's downhill from there. The next ones up for a try are the ever famous ombre nails. Everyone is obsessed with ombre everything, but it isn't easy to do. Just look at her struggle.

The next girl is my favorite. The art major trying a shot at marbled nails, with a horrible fail. In her defense, who can even do this and make them look presentable? Looks messy too. And the tape inspired nails, have you ever tried using scissors with your left hand? As a right handed person I would need some help with these. The only ones I see feasible to a regular none cosmetologist person would be the polka dots, dots seem easy.


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