Imagine heading out for a chill family day at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, and ending up with a giraffe grabbing your 2-year-old daughter! That's exactly what happened to Jason Toten and his family on June 1. They were having a blast feeding the animals from their pickup truck when things took a wild turn.

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The Giraffe Grabs Paisley

Jason's fiancée and their daughter, Paisley, were in the truck bed enjoying a close encounter with a giraffe. Suddenly, the giraffe reached in and grabbed Paisley! "My heart stopped, it scared the hell out of me," Jason said. Luckily, his fiancée quickly yelled at the giraffe, and it let Paisley go. Another video from a car behind them shows Paisley dropping safely back into the truck bed. "She wasn’t even scared," Jason added. "As soon as her mom caught her, she went ‘oh.’”

A Giraffe-Themed Souvenir

After the scare, they hit up the gift shop where Paisley only wanted giraffe-themed goodies. "We got her a toy giraffe and a giraffe T-shirt. She deserved it after that," Jason said. Despite the crazy encounter, they’re not letting it keep them away from Fossil Rim. They’re already planning their next visit and still want to ride in the truck bed. This unforgettable adventure near Glen Rose, just 55 miles southwest of Fort Worth, is now a family story they’ll be telling forever!

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So, if you’re ever in Glen Rose, Texas, and decide to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, keep an eye out for the friendly giraffes. You never know when you might end up with a wild story of your own!

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