Whether you prefer traditional red chile or chile con queso tamales - these are the top places to score the best in El Paso.

No El Paso Christmas is ever complete unless a batch of steaming tamales is piled high in the kitchen, waiting to be gobbled on.

Since childhood, tamales and Christmas have gone hand in hand for my family and me. Many of my Christmas recollections have us sitting around the kitchen table, laughing, and sharing stories, as we unwrapped the savory treats.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic this year, my family will not be coming together for a tamale party.

While things may be different this year and I’ll certainly miss my uncle utter his favorite phrase, “Un cafecito y un tamal”, (A bit coffee and a tamale) – we can still pick up a dozen or two at some of El Paso’s favorite tamale hotspots while supporting local too.

For those who are unfamiliar, tamales come in a variety of flavors from traditional red chile, chile con queso, green chile chicken, and even a sweet variety. But that's a whole other article. Whatever your preference is, plan to pre-order early for the upcoming holidays with at least a 24-hour notice because this year more people will be getting their fix during the ongoing pandemic.

If you are looking for some delish tamales, I personally recommend hitting up Bowie Bakery in downtown or west El Paso. They offer both red and chile con queso tamales for $12.99 a dozen or find a dozen for $14 at La Colonial Tortilla Factory off Copia.

El Paso has so many great places to find delicious tamales but according to YELP - These are the top 5 rated tamale hotspots:

Now, if you’ll excuse me, "un cafecito y un tamal", are calling my name.

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