X marks the spot…

If you love a good ol' treasure hunt then look no further than Santa Fe, New Mexico!

Meet 82 year-old Forrest Fenn, a millionaire who buried a real treasure chest filled with gold coins, emeralds, diamonds and other riches worth over 2 million dollars in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

Mr. Fenn loves the outdoors and ever since he was diagnosed with cancer, he wanted to give something back and get people moving and out of their technology rut so he decided to write a book about all his travels and inspire Americans to have an adventure all their own.

His self-published memoir entitled ‘Thrill of the Chase,’ provides nine clues that lead to this treasure.

If you’re worried that this sounds like a scam or a way to sell books, think again: Fenn has donated all of the books to the only bookstore where it’s available for purchase, and isn’t making a dime off of this project.

Happy treasure hunting!


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