This week over a billion dollars is on the line in the lottery. The Mega Millions lottery drawing on Tuesday night didn't have a winning ticket so the jackpot as of Wednesday afternoon is approaching 800 million dollars. The next Mega Millions drawing will be on Friday night. On Wednesday night, the Power Ball drawing will be held. That jackpot is an estimated 550 million dollars. If no one wins tonight, the next drawing will be on Saturday night.

If you were to win the Power Ball drawing tonight and took the cash option, you would get 411 million dollars according to the Power Ball app, but there is also the tax on income so you might have a little bit less, but who cares? You would still have millions of dollars! The Mega Millions cash option would be about 550 million dollars. That amount of money is mindboggling.

Mike and I were wondering what our listeners would do with all that money once all the adult stuff like paying off debts, buying your mom a house, and giving your long-lost cousins enough money to go away was all taken care of. We had some great answers as you can hear, and while mine was pretty normal, Mike's was definitely the grossest:

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