I love anything science and I cannot wait to see this! Let's hope we get a good view here in El Paso and Las Cruces!

A rare 'black moon' will rise this Friday night, turning the sky dark and probably bringing out the crazies in the area. Just kidding on that last part but, people are just crazy all the time now. As the Western Hemisphere experiences its second new moon of the month the sky will be lit up with a black moon!

Those on the other side of the world will have to wait until next month for the same moon event to occur, but it’ll be worth it as their eerie black moon will happen on Halloween. Scientists say a black moon occurs only about once every 19 years, when the month of February skips a full moon.

Don’t forget to look up to the heavens this Friday and snap a pic if you have a good camera! It's a rare thing to see!

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