Super Guppy Tour
The Super Guppy is striking enough when you drive past it on Boeing, but getting up close is a whole nuther thing.
Did You Seen The Meteor That Flashed Over El Paso Skies Last Night?
If you were outside last night around 8:30ish, you might have seen a big fireball streak across the sky. I was outside at a barbeque before the Manny Pacquiao fight when I saw it! It was pretty scary, but now we know what it was. The National Weather Service says people from Arizona to Texas saw the bright light in the sky...
Texans Asked to Name Space Shuttle in Statewide Contest
Wanted - Texas space enthusiasts to name the space shuttle. According to a news release, while Florida is home to Atlantis, California has the Endeavor, Virginia the Discovery and New York the Enterprise, the Lone Star state recently received its very own full-scale space shuttle, but unlike the others, it doesn’t have a name.

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