As constant changes and rules are being made for the graduating classes of 2020, many are doing what they can to honor these students. From banners to parades, graduated have been honored in big ways. One teacher decided to slow things down and play a song for the Pebble Hills 2020 graduating class.

With just a piano, a mic and a camera, Joe Estala wishes nothing but happiness as he begins to play a farewell song for his students. Mr. Estala introduced his performance as an oldie but goodie as he begins to play, Boyz II Men 'It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.'

I absolutely love this song but I always saw it more as a breakup song. I guess that is just me being a depressed teenager, when I originally discovered it. According to, this song was written for the movie Cooley High. I've never seen the movie but the lyrics were meant to depict the powerful emotions of leaving high school.

An amazing choice for Mr. Estala to perform for this year's graduation class as the emotions are on a whole new level this year. While some schools are planning to hold outdoor graduations, it is still unclear if it will actually happen.

2020 was suppose to be my ten year high school reunion and while I am still best friends with my high school group, I really am not bummed about it being ruined by social distancing. Let that be some positivity, graduates. Cherish your love for your high school class now.

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