The Plaza Theatre holds weekly tours, open to the public on Tuesday’s at noon.

This coming Tuesday you can register to be part of the Plaza Theatre tour. The tours shed light on the history of the venue which was built back in 1930. The building which is considered a National Historic Building was re-opened in 2006 and features mosaic-tiled flooring, antique furniture along with intricately painted ceilings. One of the most unique features of the Plaza Theatre has to be the starry ceiling giving the illusion to visitors that they are outdoors underneath a replica of a Southwestern sky in June.

Another grand item would be the Mighty Wurlitzer Blaban III Organ that is currently in use at the Plaza Theatre. The organ which has exactly 1,071 pipes and can simulate 15 different instruments is one of six organs ever made in the world.

With such a long and interesting history, tours are made available to anyone wanting to know more about the famed theatre. Who knows you may even see a ghost or two especially the dreaded Smoking Man, but that’s a story for another day.

To book your tour today register at for their next Tuesday tour of the Plaza Theatre in downtown El Paso.

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