Jedis and Padawans looking to hang out with like-minded Star Wars nerds, er, I mean, fans need only wait until October.

That’s when Star Wars: A New Hope comes to life at the Plaza Theatre in a one-of-a-kind concert event, featuring the entire feature-length film and the El Paso Symphony Orchestra performing live.

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Remember when "Star Wars" was awesome, and then it sucked, and then it was awesome again? Good news; the El Paso Symphony Orchestra will perform to one of the awesome "Star Wars" movies in a live music experience.

What it is, is Star Wars: A New Hope screened from start to finish at the historic Plaza Theatre with the El Paso Symphony Orchestra performing the movie soundtrack live.

Experience the intergalactic epic like never on Saturday, October 7, 2023. Cool! That gives me plenty of time to get my fake Spock ears dry cleaned.

What to Know If You Plan to Go

Tickets are on sale now online at

But there is a lot of interest in this one and the theater is filling up fast, so dust off your light saber, gas up your Millennium Falcon, and reserve your seat for the 7th film in the Star Wars saga.

Or is it the 4th episode? Wait, isn't this one the first part of the original trilogy? Ugh, the Star Wars series is so confusing.

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