The next big celebrity to head to space on Jeff Bezo's oddly shaped rocket is Pete Davidson.

For those of you who do not know who Davidson is, you probably haven't turned on your television or scrolled through your news updates lately.

While currently known as Kim Kardashian's boyfriend, Davidson is actually a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" and a standup comedian. That is where I was originally introduced to him.

Pete Davidson's Drama

He has also gained much attention for his dating life, by shocking the world with the women he is able to date. While it may be a shock for most of the world, the other part understands that Davidson might not be the most handsome guy, but he does seem like one guy who actually cares. All these gorgeous women just want to be heard and not judged by their partner, which seems to be something Davidson has working for him.

Unfortunately, Davidson's latest romantic relationship has caused some drama that is being monitored around the world. Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kanye West has been creating social media posts against Davidson and Kardashian's relationship. \These messages are just petty little memes, Kanye is really posting some concerning, threatening things that have many concerned.

This whole dramatic situation is the perfect setup for a joke as to why Davidson is heading to space. Of course, he isn't going to stay in space to avoid Kanye, plus why wouldn't he want to stay on Earth, living the dream as a celebrity? Minus all the drama.

Where to Visit in El Paso

If there is a chance Davidson has his flight delayed, I would hope he comes out to El Paso businesses to spend some time. I know he would know all the hot places to visit, but I would hope he sees this article somehow and takes me up on the offer to show him around.

Mad Love Tattoo Studio

I know Davidson wants to remove most of his tattoos, but there is a rumor he just got a new tattoo of Kim's name on his chest! That was kind of fast for this relationship but he did have multiple matching tattoos with Ariana Grande when he was engaged to her.

La Perla

This rooftop bar is fancy enough for a Kardashian, but comfy enough for Davidson. When I think of Davidson's hangout spots, they seem to be pretty chill compared to all the glitz and glamour the Kardashians seem to chase. La Perla, in my opinion, is a nice blend.

Cattleman's Steakhouse

I know everyone wants to go to L&J's Cafe because it is right off Interstate 10, but Cattleman's Steakhouse is worth the drive. Even though you do have to drive a little more into the desert to find this meat oasis, it would be a beautiful setting for some privacy and a good place to relax for a good smoke session. Which I think Davidson would appreciate.

93.1 KISSFM studio.

As a shameless plug, if Davidson wants to hide out at our studios I am all for it. No one pays attention to our studios and we have celebrities all the time. When director Robert Rodriguez stopped by for an interview, no one even stalked him outside the studio, when you think someone would. That is the luxury of people who think radio is dying. They never know when we have big celebrities in the studio.

My House

Yes, no one will come looking for Davidson and his woman at my house. They will think they are just some typical nobody's hanging out. We can heat up the grill and have a nice homestyle carne asada and I think he needs that for some stress relief. Just know my door is open for you, Pete. Kim too, I guess.

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