Unpopular opinion: 2022 is the year of Pete Davidson. Unpopular for many but honestly, not for me. The man is living his best life and I am here for it and now he can add “I’ve been to Space” to his list of accomplishments.

Blue Origin reported on Monday morning that Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson would be joining six passengers on the next launch of Jeff Bezos' space travel venture Blue Origin.

Davidson will be the third celebrity to head out to Space on a Blue Origin flight. Back in October of 2021, William Shatner blasted off from West Texas in the Blue Origin launch and most recently Good Morning America co-host and former NFL legend Michael Strahan flew on the second passenger flight back in December 0f 2021.

The launch is scheduled for March 23, 2022. Davidson will be joined by five other passengers which include CEO and investor Marty Allen; Sharon and Marc Hagle; teacher and entrepreneur Jim Kitchen and George Nield, a former NASA manager who has worked to promote commercial spaceflight.

Blue Origin launch site sits right in the middle of Van Horn, Texas which is about 2 hours away from El Paso.

How Can I Sign Up:

So, while I’m very happy for these celebrities who get to be a part of history I’m also very curious as to how Jeff and his crew choose these celebrities to join in on the launches. Most importantly I’m wondering when Jeff is going to ask a FEMALE celebrity to join in on the next Blue Origin Launch.

We’re still in Women’s History Month so even though I love Pete, it would’ve been nice to see some more celebrity girl power on the March launch. An all girl launch would've been the icing on the cake honestly but hey, I’m not here to tell the second wealthiest person in the world how to do his job HOWEVER just in case Jeff is reading this I would like to submit my application to be the first Latina single mom to head to space. So bear with me as I toot my own horn for the sake of trying to get to space.

Here’s My Application: Let's Start Off With The Money Issue

First of all, let’s just address the obvious… I can’t afford those tickets and neither can more than half of the nation so how cool would it be to send a middle-class working woman to Space?! Biased opinion, IT WOULD BE VERY COOL!

My List Of Accomplishments: 

Jeff, you’ve sent an actor, football star/news personality, and now a comedian to space. What about sending a former weather anchor, current radio host/non-profit founder/single mom to space. I mean…. Look at all those things you're crossing off the list, Jeff! It's a win/win situation in my opinion!

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez

Do It For The Kids, Jeff:

Recently my biggest flex for my 11-year-old son was that John Cena started following me on Twitter. Well, my son is over that flex now so I’m looking for something to impress him with again and going to space would probably make me the coolest mom on earth AND IN SPACE!!

Courtesy: Iris Lopez Twitter
Courtesy: Iris Lopez Twitter

So Jeff, if you’re reading this and want to send me to space on your next launch just let me know. I’m sure I can fit that into my busy schedule. Sincerely, Iris.

Courtesy: Iris Lopez
Courtesy: Iris Lopez/ Blue Origin


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