Alright, we know there is talk about protestors outside Sun City BaconFest.



We have received a few messages about the small PETA protest. Here is the thing, they only showed up for about an hour. The event started at 11a.m. and they were gone about 12:00 p.m. I am guessing once KVIA interviewed them, they decided to take the rest of the event off. By the way, BaconFest only lasted till 6 p.m.

You can do so much by doing so little in this era of social media.

We just want to make it clear, as our Events Coordinator, Veronica did so nicely during her own KVIA interview, that Sun City BaconFest is an event that is everyone-friendly. Except pets. We don't allow dogs because we have had bad experiences with them using the restroom, wherever they please. We do not enjoy having to clean up after other peoples' pets. We already have to clean up after Buzz.


We respect everyone's preference on what they put in their mouths. We just hope that everyone who was out there with a sign or a pig, are also making sure their clothing, makeup, hair products, nail polish, accessories and even shoes are also cruelty-free. If not, we hope you will join us next year, but without a sign.


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