For weeks I’ve been wondering what sort of bacon goodies I can expect at Sun City BaconFest, that is until I discovered the menu listing all the pork belly greatness that's going to be featured out there!

Here’s my hit list for Sun City BaconFest, use the menu to make yours.  My list only includes a fraction of great vendors joining us and if it were physically possible, I'd try something from everyone out there.  As it is, my plan can be considered a bit ambitious.

  • Starter - Bacon Cold Brew from Hillside Coffee & Donut Co.
  • Appetizer - Bacon Marmalade and Grilled Pear  from Ode Brewing
  • Appetizer - Bacon Ricotta Empanada from Rebel Grill
  • Lunch - Bacon Wrapped Turkey Leg from Ely's
  • Lunch - Mexican Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob from The Garden
  • Lunch - Bacon Stuffed Chile Rellenos from The Tap on Wheels
  • Lunch - Bacon Fried Steak and Gravy from Tabla
  • Drink - Bacon Red Beer Mix from 1914
  • Dessert - Bacon Baked in Brown Sugar Dipped in Chocolate from Chase the Taste
  • Dessert - Bacon Wrapped Oreos from Crave Kitchen and Bar
  • Dessert - Bacon and Chipotle Chocolate Bar from Kern Place Florists
  • Dessert - Bourbon Bacon Ice Cream from Dark Horse

Sun City BaconFest kicks off April 17th at 11am along Anthony Street in the Union Plaza Entertainment District and admission is FREE to attend!