Far out in the East Side of El Paso is home to Pet Guardian Angel, which is a non-profit organization that takes care of adorable animals in hopes they will go to a good home. Would you be an angel and stop by to take home a new friend?


I went out to visit Pet Guardian Angel and spent some time with PGA director, Martha Williams. We spent time talking about our love for animals and the horrible situations some animals face. Back in the 1980's Martha and other member of PGA fought to end the inhumane method of killing poor animals called the "Volkswagen Engine" method.

She told me how these poor animals would be contained in a small area where car exhaust fumes would be pumped into which caused the animals to die in such a painful way. These animals would actually rip each other apart before their lungs would burn out until they finally died.

Martha and others from PGA fought to end this method for years and were able to change Animal Control's method of euthanasia to a more humane injection. They also were able to change the way Animal Control would euthanize all animals that were not claimed by owners instead of trying to get them adopted.

PGA and Martha are still saving animals at their 14911 McCracken Dr. location. It may be far out but it is worth the trip to see all these adorable animals with hope in their eyes. According to Martha, "Dogs brought here have hope in their eyes as they look at people passing by hoping their owner will return or someone will take them home. You can notice that hope fade after awhile. We try to keep that hope alive."

Volunteers keep these animals in playful spirits so if you would like to help out the PGA team contact them by calling (915) 598-0411, visiting their website or on Facebook!

Now if you would love to adopt a wonderful pet like this adorable puppy with gorgeous blue eyes, head on down to Pet Guardian Angel. This cute girl is actually weening from her mother and will soon be able to adopt.


Pets Available to adopt do come with all required procedures and range from $100 to $125 on selected dogs and cats. They do hold adoption fairs every Sunday from 10:00pm - 4:00 pm at the PGA facility.

Pet Guardian Angel Hours are:

10:00 AM -  5:00 PM Tuesday through Friday

10:00 AM  -   4:00 PM Saturday

10:00 AM  -  4:00  PM Sundays

Check out some of the adorable animals just waiting for you to take home!



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